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How mindfulness can turn you into a balanced leader

In Happiness, Inspiration, Leadership - 3 years ago - 6 min

How mindfulness can turn you into a balanced leader

Many of us are working longer and harder than ever. But what is the effect of this on our brains and are we being more productive?

According to a UCLA study, long-term meditators have better-preserved brains than those who don’t and there are numerous studies to show that long hours are bad for us. In fact, those who work more than 55 hours a week are at higher risk for a stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Furthermore, in 2015 stress accounted for 43% of days lost to illness and UK workers are less productive than G7 average. The move towards mindfulness aims to find new ways to work more productively but does it actually work?

The number of people turning to mindfulness could suggest its effectiveness. Fortune reported that last year the “meditation and mindfulness industry racked in nearly $1 billion”. Mindfulness could be considered a type of meditation, it is a technique of focusing on the present moment to achieve an awareness of your surroundings. You’re able to calmly consider your feelings and thoughts by slowing down and taking in each moment.

With studies from the Harvard Business Review suggesting mindfulness helps you make better business decisions and creates long-term changes to the brain, the potential positives are hard to ignore. But how does being mindful actually benefit business?

You think slowly

Carl Honoré, the author of In Praise of Slowness, writes about “slow” thought as a totally different cognitive state. He says it “yields rich and nuanced insights” which can lead to breakthrough moments in business.

You think rationally

Mental autopilot isn’t good for business and thinking rationally will produce better business decisions. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman outlines the benefits of basing business decisions in rational thought rather than reactionary.

You listen

Mindfulness slows you down and focuses you on the moment. It allows you to listen to others and results in more effective communication.

You are more aware

Using mindfulness techniques means you notice both the details and their potential repercussions. Therefore mistakes are made less often and you can learn from them. Small details are essential to a company’s reputation and success; if a client or customer notice tiny mistakes they are less likely to trust, believe your brand and want your services as it appears unprofessional. In the age of technology, repercussions spread rapidly and one small error can damage your entire business in seconds.

You will be a better leader

A great leader is someone who can react creatively to situations, who asks for and uses input from others, and has emotional awareness. Great traits of leaders are changing as Guy Parsons and Allan Milham argue in their book Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win.

Read our infographic on how mindfulness allows you to be a 21st century leader, at the helm of an ever-changing business landscape:


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