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Prepare your business for the jobs of the future

In Culture, Leadership, Planning growth - 3 years ago - 3 min

Prepare your business for the jobs of the future

What skills will be important in the future? And how can business leaders find out who they should be hiring?

It’s important to start thinking about the future skills that could boost your business growth and productivity.

It’s been predicted that two million┬ájobs will be gained in computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering related fields between 2015-2020. Yet, what does this mean for your business?

By 2020 more than a third of employees will need skills not considered crucial today and employers and employees will need to develop new skills to fit into an ever-changing working environment. The top skills in 2020 are predicted to be complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and emotional intelligence. There will be a considerable shift towards soft skills. In fact, 75% of employers have already said that emotionally intelligent workers are more likely to be promoted and 71% stated they value emotional intelligence over IQ.

What will jobs of the future look like and who should you hire? There will be a 25% increase in freelancers, so outsourcing your workforce may well grow. Roles such as virtual reality designer, data scientists, Internet of Things consultant and software developers are predicted to be essential to help businesses grow, improve customer experience and integrate smart tech into your company.

Read our infographic to find out which skills and job roles you need to be considering to future-proof your business.


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