You’re ambitious, you run a successful company and you are always thinking ahead to your next growth phase. Our team supports you in shaping your business to scale into the mid-market.

We are G

G works with ambitious leaders of small businesses to support you in achieving your business growth plans, driving results and creating space for you to share, connect and grow.

Leaders often tell us that they find the borders of their work and personal lives are blurred, and the luxury of time to balance both continues to evade them. We understand that the ambition you have for your business is connected to your personal aspirations and vice versa. It's your personal drive that has helped you set up your business after all.

At G by Grant Thornton, we’ll connect you to like-minded people so that you can create valuable relationships that will help you to grow your business, scale into the mid-market, and seize new opportunities. You will have the opportunity to learn, share common experiences and network through the G Community at our series of events and workshops, as well as benefit from our services designed to support your growth plans.


G has been developed by leaders of small businesses and Grant Thornton to help companies to achieve their growth ambitions. Grant Thornton has worked with thousands of small and medium sized businesses, supporting them to achieve rapid and sustainable growth both in the UK and internationally.

Our vision is to shape a vibrant economy and we believe that sustainable growth in dynamic organisations is key to this. Our powerful global network of people, capabilities and insights can help dynamic businesses like yours to save time and embrace growth opportunities in an ever-evolving super-connected world.


From getting ready for investment, to rewarding your employees through share options schemes, G is here to support your ambitions.

Discover support, tools, and learning all designed to help you grow your business. Topics range from international expansion to mastering crowdfunding and everything in-between.

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